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Art is what will have been Art.

Dear Picture Editor, presents an Image Library dedicated to just one Subject:

Contemporary Visual Art. supplies Documentation and Archiving Services. For Picture Research you will find Artists and Shows alphabetically listed. An Artist's Name listed means: Photographic Documentation of at least one major Work is on stock -
in many cases will also be able to supply a recent Portrait. All Shows listed are Group-Shows.
In fact, as I concentrate on full Documentation Service for big Artshows, you will find some of the last Decade's big Events.
some sample Images on this site but do not hesitate to send your individual request.
Please understand that the use of all Images is Copyright-protected. represents exclusively the Publication Rights of photographic Images - please make sure to arrange for the Artists' Rights with their Representatives (VG Bildkunst etc.).

Looking forward to your Call,

Roman Mensing / Photographer

Rikeweg 4
D 48155 Münster
Tel +49 (0)251 374848

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