Biennale di Venezia 2011


Roman Mensing (in cooperation with Thorsten Arendt)

was assigned for the photographic documentation

of the following shows:






German Pavilion


Curated by Susanne Gaensheimer

A catalogue book was published at the opening in June.

A Church of Fear vs. the Alien Within. Stage installation of the Fluxus-oratorio by Christoph Schlingensief in the German Pavilion,
Altar view with film projection
Photo: Roman Mensing,



Ayse Erkmen

"Plan B"


Turkish Pavilion


Curated by Fulya Erdemci

Ayse Erkmen, “Plan B”
Photo: Roman Mensing,



Dora Garcia

"The Inadequate"


Spanish Pavilion


Curated by Katya Garcia-Anton

Dora Garcia, „The Inadequate“ Performance Detail
Photo: Roman Mensing,



Ion Grigorescu

Anetta Mona Chisa &

Lucia Tkácová

"Performing History"


Romanian Pavilion


Curated by Maria Bojan & Ami Barak


Additionally a large number of images from many venues of the 54th Biennale have been added to the archive.




Emscherkunst 2010

proved to be the major art project of Cultural Capital Ruhr2010.

Roman Mensing (in cooperation with Thorsten Arendt) supplied the entire photographic documentation for the show including website, press and the large catalogue book published by Hatje Cantz.

All images and photographic rights can be obtained from

Bogomir Ecker, "reemrenreh (kaum Gesang) Leben"
Bogomir Ecker, "reemrenreh (kaum Gesang) Leben" 2010

Herner Meer Marina , Photo: Roman Mensing /


Roman Mensing and Thorsten Arendt covered the inaugurational installation and presentation of the first artwork of dOCUMENTA (13) on June 21st 2010 in Kassel, Auepark. Giuseppe Penone “Idee di Pietra (Ideas of Stone)” .
Photo documentation for press and d13 website.

Giuseppe Penone, Idee di Pietra
Giuseppe Penone “Idee di Pietra (Ideas of Stone), installation process
Photo: Roman Mensing /

Olaf Metzel, “Noch Fragen?”

Museum Küppersmühle, Duisburg 2010

Olaf Metzel, "Mapping the Region"
Olaf Metzel "Schicht im Schacht", 2009
Photo: Roman Mensing /

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, “TH.2058″ 

for Unilever Series at Tate Modern, London
Catalogue published by Tate, 2009

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, “TH.2058″ (Detail), 2008
Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, “TH.2058″ (Detail), 2008
Photo: Roman Mensing /

skulptur projekte muenster 07

The show`s photographic documentation was once more after 1997 assigned to Roman Mensing of (in cooperation with Thorsten Arendt). Website, press and catalogue book published by Walther König.

Access the show's entire archive of more than
20.000 images by request to:


 Bruce Nauman, "Square Depression", 2007, 75x75cm
 Photo: Arendt + Mensing /


skulptur projekte muenster 07 

Edition of Photographs

Eleven large format photographs, each limited to twelve copies. Lambda-printed and processed on photographic paper, laminated onto aluminium and covered with acrylic these museum prints guarantee long term stability and optimum display. 

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